Hi and welcome to my new blog space. As this is my very first post, I would like to start at the beginning, that is, to acknowledge the transition of birth, the beginning of life from our first breath.


Traditionally a receiving blanket was used to wrap baby straight after birth. Today these blankets are still used in a variety of birth spaces. When I first thought of designing and weaving a receiving blanket on my loom I had been contemplating the miriade of life transitions we go through while experiencing life in our physical bodies here on earth.


The first two main transitions that stood out to me were: arrivals and departures, birth and death as being major bookends/ transitions in and out of our earthly life experience. I pondered on how big these moments are and how one might focus on supporting oneself or loved ones during these times. Of course there are plenty of dedicated people in these realms of work around the world and as we gain awareness, this work is growing. But I thought what a moment to mark with cloth; to work with your hands in preparation by weaving your baby’s first blanket, or to seek an intentionally woven piece to aid the landing and transition from womb to earth.


So when would a receiving blanket be used? The intention for these hand-woven one off receiving blankets is that they are used after the initial moments of birth. Arriving, connecting physical body to physical body, bathing then wrapped in babies first blanket.


Cloth has been used for the longest time to support the physical body (more on this topic in another blog post). So after the initial arrival what would one do with these special blankets? A number of suggestions have been made which again aid the physical body of the new born. Whether all, or none of the following ideas resonate with you, they are just ideas so that you may be inspired or let them go.


  • Mat for tummy time or floor time
  • Pram/stroller carrier cover
  • Breastfeeding cover
  • Security/ comforter blanket
  • Car seat blanket


The receiving blankets I have woven thus far are soft, medium weight blankets woven with all natural fibres that can be used again and again from birth onwards with a special memory of a transitional moment in time.


In future blogs my aim and hope is to further unveil both the importance of working with our hands in preparation for, and during change, and acknowledging life transitions however big or small.

You can find my hand-woven receiving blankets via the Shop tab.

Beautifully hand-crafted rocker chair by W. Burke Chairmaker, Byron Bay.

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