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Ocean Mists & Ochre Cliffs ~ Wool Healing Shawl

Ocean Mists & Ochre Cliffs ~ Wool Healing Shawl

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An excerpt from the blog about this piece and it’s process of becoming:

From my morning walk…This weaving is imbued with moments of gratitude I have been experiencing as I draw the salty air into my lungs, and look out to the sun rising over the ocean…

This woven shawl is made out of the colours, fibres, and intention of healing, of gazing out into the sunrise, seeing the light, the new dawn, breathing in health, and letting go of illness. It is for you, and I hope it brings you as much joy and goodness on your journey as it did for me weaving it. It is titled Ocean Mists and Ochre Cliffs.

It is woven together using all Australian and New Zealand Polwarth and Merino wools and contains some of my hand-spun yarn within it’s weft threads.

There is approx 450grams of natural fibre in this piece making this quite a warm, thick piece and comforting piece. It is a wide shawl which can be wrapped over the shoulders.

This is a wearable art piece and has been hand washed to finish the cloth.

Measurments: 180cm long plus fringing x 40cm wide

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